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Empowering artists to connect, collaborate, and create their own opportunities. 

In the US...

of movie writer roles were filled by people of color

of producers from the top grossing films of 2019, were women

is the average yearly wage of producers & directors in 2018

is the median age of producers & directors

About Gen. Networks

Generation Networks (Gen. Networks) is a non-profit organization committed to building a welcoming and engaging space for creatives in the entertainment industry to strengthen their portfolio, bolster their network, and sharpen their craft. We are a nationwide community of young creatives 30 and under, creating our own opportunities by providing development and production support.

Image by REX WAY


We encourage members to not be afraid of their final product; to show their work, get feedback and improve. Check out the projects we've been working on. Be sure to check back periodically because the list will updated often!


Film Production


Generation Networks is always accepting donations to support our Productions. All donations are used to fund production costs, film festival engagement, and distribution. Any amount can help and we thank you for your donation!

Mentorship Program

We offer a mentorship program where our members have the opportunity to build a relationship with an industry professional. Interested in becoming a mentor or know someone who would? Click the link below.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are a group of enthusiastic individuals who's mission and passion is to help support young creatives who have an interest in production.

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