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The design team behind the scenes

Meet the

Creative Team.

We are the creative/design team behind the scenes. We've worked together to bring the visuals of Gen. Networks to life through various digital media and mediums in order for you to access it on varying platforms. Hope you enjoy! If you are interested in hiring us, check out our bios and contact information below.


Shanyah Saunders

Web Designer

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Web Designer

Fashion & Tech Creative hailing from Jersey

Shanyah aspires to fuse her technical and creative passions. As a Syracuse University (SU) alumna with degrees in Information Technology, Public Communications, and Global Security, Shanyah continuously uses her coding skills, design-eye, and passion for fashion as a creative outlet, to help others and to provide a different perspective to her job as a technology consultant.

Business Inquiries: Click on my logo

Personal Instagram: Click on the Instagram icon

Fashion Project: Coming Soon (Website & Instagram)


A copywriter 

based in

New York City

Parker Ewing is a Copywriter based in New York City. She helps mission-driven brands clarify their messaging so they can wear their heart on their sleeve, crush their launches, and become disrupters in their industry. And hopefully, she can make folks laugh along the way.


When she’s not writing, Parker loves cooking up new recipes and spending time in nature.


You can check out her work at

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