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Empowering artists to connect, collaborate, and create as a collective


Mission Statement: Generation Networks (Gen. Networks) is a non-profit organization committed to building a welcoming and engaging space for creatives in the entertainment industry to strengthen their portfolio, bolster their network, and sharpen their craft. We are a nationwide community of young creatives 30 and under, creating our own opportunities by sharing development and production support.


Loren Maxine was a Spring 2020 college graduate and student-athlete at the University of Central Florida. Although a lot was thrown at her in her final year at school, she was optimistic about what her future held. She knew she would either stay in her hometown of NYC, or move to LA to pursue her career in Television and Film.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continued and she was stuck at her home in Queens, NY she began to use her time wisely and network. She reached out to everybody and anybody who was willing to give her advice and guidance. After dozens of zoom and phone meetings, she was advised to move to LA where her passion for producing and development would have a better chance. 


In the midst of the pandemic, and after saving her earnings over the years, Loren moved cross country to sunny LA. She had a few interviews lined up at companies, but positions were paused due to the pandemic or she just did not land the job.


After a few months of that same routine, she grew tired of waiting for someone else to give her that foot in the door. She wanted to do something now and create an opportunity for herself and for others like her.


Loren reached out to young creatives who wanted to network and begin creating their own stories. She received numerous responses of individuals who were in the same predicament or just wanted to network with others and make some magic. This led to the creation of Generation Networks Inc., a Non-Profit Organization.

“If your dream only includes you, it’s too small” - Ava DuVernay 


As Gen. Networks continues to grow, we hope to accumulate a significant amount of impactful partners who share the same values as we do. Below are our list of partners, whom we want to extend a gracious "thank you" for your support.

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Infinitely Thriving (IThrive)

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Staff Me Up 

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