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We are leaders of this non-profit and we provide a community for young creatives nationwide

Board of 


We are disruptors. The entertainment industry is notoriously hierarchical and difficult to break into. We know our age does not stagnate us from using our voice and telling our stories. The time to be unapologetic is now.

We are founded entirely by women of color. We are passionate about promoting more positive representations of minorities in media behind and in front of the screen. Gen. Networks consists primarily of women and BIPOC. We are creating a space where our differences and our humanity is not only recognized, but celebrated.

Want to learn more about the creative/design team behind the scenes? Check out the creative team hereThey've worked together to bring the visuals of Gen. Networks to life. If you are interested in hiring them, check out their bios and contact information via the link above.


Loren Maxine

Founder & Head of Production

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Founder & Head of Production

A Producer from

Queens, NY

After studying Production at the University of Central Florida, she moved out to LA to pursue her career in TV and Film. She currently has Producer and Casting Director credits on a documentary, two shorts, and a feature film. 


In the midst of a pandemic and not finding many opportunities, she decided to create her own. Her goal of finding like-minded individuals ready and willing to network and create led to Generation Networks Inc. As someone who grew up seeing characters like herself on Television, she aspires to promote that diversity and inclusion in other mediums. She describes herself as a prime example of how representation matters.


Her commitment to helping others pursue their passions and tell their stories drives her to create and maintain an open and collaborative environment. Loren Maxine is the Producer for multiple Gen. Networks projects such as our short film in pre-production Morena, and our podcast The Creative Hustle and is the Executive Producer for our docu-series B.O.B. Corner.

One of her favorite quotes is: “If your dream only includes you, it’s too small.” - Ava DuVernay

Director of Operations & Festival Involvement

A New Jersey native 

A New Jersey native, Opeyemi Famakinwa is passionate about using her skills and talents towards the production and amplification of stories of black and brown communities. As a producer, she continuously strives to connect and learn from those currently working and making waves in their fields while crafting her own path through production and community projects. 


She serves as one of the producers for the 2019 Student Academy Award winning documentary, SANKOFA, as well as the co-founder of Infinitely Thriving, a community-based networking initiative. When not working, Opeyemi enjoys playing guitar, practicing yoga, reading, and watching movies.


Opeyemi Famakinwa

Director of Operations & Festival Involvement

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Keausha Macklin

Director of Marketing & Social Media

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Director of Marketing & Social Media

A Miami, Florida


She is currently studying Radio and Television at the University of Central Florida. She is a Podcast Producer and Editor, and owner of Black Diamond Media with a passion to tell and share stories through audio.


With goals of owning her own studio, she continues to network and collaborate on a wide variety of projects in the creative realm. Keausha Macklin is the Executive Producer for our Podcast, The Creative Hustle. 

Director of Mentorship & Funding

Hailing from Pennsylvania

Kyrsten Arnold is a video producer, cinematographer, and writer with a heart for underrepresented voices. Hailing from Pennsylvania, she has been a champion for diversity and inclusion in media throughout her experiences in studio, agency, university and corporate settings.


Now a graduate from Bentley University with dual Bachelor degrees in Film & Television and Business, Kyrsten is a freelance videographer and editor. She aspires to work in Television Development to discover and nurture up-and-coming diverse storytellers. 


Kyrsten Arnold

Director of Mentorship & Funding

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